Saying Goodbye (And Bonjour!)

A few days ago, I did the hardest thing – saying goodbye to family & friends for a year. With technology these days, it’s not so difficult to keep in touch, but nothing can replace having your loves ones right there, close to you. I knew I had a long 32+ hour journey alone with a lot to think about. So I said a teary goodbye and off I went to the other side of the world.

Mum & Dad

Me & Suneeta

My flight from Melbourne to Singapore was quite comfortable but my 12 hour flight from Singapore to Helsinki, I got a middle seat which is the worst thing ever! Anyhow I managed to survive & enjoyed my short stopover in Helsinki. On the Finnair flight, they had Marimekko everything – paper cups, napkins, cushion covers! It was very cute!


When I got to Paris, I was very exhausted. Caught a taxi to my hostel & literally slept until night time. I am still adjusting to Paris time & obviously still adjusting to Paris life. It is so different when you’re just a tourist to when you’re going to live here.

Last year, I stayed in the 7th arrondissement which is very different to where I’m staying now in the 10th. But I went on an Aussie-Frenchie picnic last night & was told by a local guy that the 10th is actually quite a true Parisian neighbourhood so now I have really started to appreciate it for what it is.

The hunt for a room for rent continues but until then, I will just relax & let myself settle in. I sometimes still cannot believe that I now live in Paris!

Hotel du Louvre


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