Hip-Hop du Bronx Exhibition

Last month, I visited the Institut du Monde Arabe for the Hip Hop du Bronx exhibition. It is a museum which was opened in 1987 (My favourite year :P) to disseminate information about Arab culture and values and is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The building itself, designed by Jean Nouvel, is a stunning work of architecture. The rooftop is also worth a visit with a beautiful view of the Notre Dame &  Île de la Cité.



The exhibition was one of the coolest I have ever seen & experienced. There were wooden turntables, photographs, street art, rooms full of graffiti, hip-hop clothing & accessories, short films, music videos and a demonstration of mixing and scratching discs. Felt like I was in the Bronx. I tried to photograph as much as I could (phone photos only). Enjoy!

IMG_20150626_124256984 IMG_20150626_124735512 IMG_20150626_124824858 IMG_20150626_124841065 IMG_20150626_124957809 IMG_20150626_125008242 IMG_20150626_125028664 IMG_20150626_125815722 IMG_20150626_130744794 IMG_20150626_130758762 IMG_20150626_130707399 IMGP3275 IMGP3277 IMGP3278 IMGP3279 IMGP3280 IMGP3285 IMGP3282 IMGP3287


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