Graffiti in the 13th Arrondissement

A little while back, I visited the 13th arrondissement of Paris. It is one of the most modern arrondissments of Paris with barely any old Parisian style buildings. Buildings are ultra modern and the area has a very contemporary feel. This arrondissement is also home to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France or National Library of France and Chinatown.

I took a stroll along the back streets near the Manga Café and found an area with heaps of graffiti. In fact, as I was walking past, a few teenage boys were adding their own art to the walls. I even spotted a kitten in there that looked exactly like the kitten I live with. The dumpsters, pots, walls, ceilings and even the trucks were covered in graffiti so I decided to take a few photos.

IMGP3292 IMGP3293 IMGP3294 IMGP3295 IMGP3296 IMGP3297 IMGP3298 IMGP3299 IMGP3300 IMGP3301 IMGP3302 IMGP3304 IMGP3305 IMGP3306 IMGP3307 IMGP3308 IMGP3309


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