Old-World Charm of Avignon

Avignon is one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve visited in the world. It has amazing history and you could easily spend so much time exploring the city and the villages nearby as I did. Avignon has a medieval charm to it and for a moment you feel like you are back in the olden days with stone paved streets. What I loved most about the city was it’s laid back friendly people (who wore flip-flips unlike Parisians) and it’s liveliness. During the day, Avignon is buzzing with energy. People walking on streets, eating lunch, having a drink, queuing up to have ice cream. The Palais des Papes is right near the city square and a short walk up to the river takes you to Pont d’Avignon also known as Pont Saint Bénezet.

There is a lot of mystery around Pont d’Avignon as it is not exactly known who it was built by. Legend says, it was built by a young shepherd who heard voices in his head telling him to build a bridge across the Rhône. It was completed in 1185 but dismantled in 1226. It was rebuilt and destroyed several times, washed away by floods. Scientists have tried to figure out with 3D modeling what the bridge may have originally looked like. Today, Pont d’Avignon is peculiar because the bridge finishes in the middle of the Rhône river and doesn’t actually take you across. It was one of the highlights of Avignon for me.

In the evening, strolling around the city, I spotted a band performing at the main city square, Place de l’Horloge. They had jars with different labels on them such a “jazz”, “rock”, “hip hop”, “vite” (fast) and whenever someone put a coin in one they changed their musical style or their tempo accordingly. It was a unique and fun concept.

My most amazing memory was a simple one – On my last night in Avignon, just me, myself & I having a glass of wine in a busy bar right by the gorgeous Palais de Papes close to midnight. It was a moment of reflection as I felt so lucky to have this opportunity to travel around France and see amazing places like Provence.



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