The Catacombs of Paris

Since it’s almost Halloween, I thought it would be a good idea to share photos from my recent visit to the Catacombs. My friend Isobel & I had been wanting to visit the Catacombs for a while now but I only have one day off from work. As there is a long wait to get inside, we wanted to do it on a sunny day so we didn’t have to line up in the rain.

The official opening time of the Catacombs is 10 am but we got there about 9.20 am and were probably about the 80th in line to purchase the tickets. Around 9.50 am the queue was ridiculously long so we got there at a good time as apparently only 200 people can enter at one time.

Once we purchased the tickets, we went down hundreds of steps and entered the tunnel that lead to the catacombs. Inside, the air starts to feel heavy and it gets worse as you descend. After walking several minutes, we reached the entrance to the Catacombs. It read “Arrête! C’est ici l’empire de la mort” – translation “Stop! Here lies the empire of death”

Then, the creepiness began. I suppose the photos (of terrible quality as it was really dark and flash is not allowed) will tell the rest of the story…

IMG_6193 IMG_6198 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6204 IMG_6205 IMG_6214 IMG_6219 IMG_6221 IMG_6224 IMG_6229 IMG_6231 IMG_6236 IMG_6238 IMG_6241 IMG_6242 IMG_6243 IMG_6246 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6263 IMG_6266


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