Take Me (I’m Yours)

At the beginning of this month, Isobel, Gabriel & I went to see the exhibition at Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) called Take Me (I’m Yours). The concept is that you can actually take things from the exhibition (and leave things) so it’s interactive art. It was the most fun exhibition I have ever been to in my life! Also the building of Monnaie de Paris is so gorgeous, it’s a piece of art in itself. We saw the exhibition in its last days so it’s no longer on but I thought I’d share my experience with some photos.

The exhibition started in the main room with piles of clothes on the floor. There were jeans, sweaters, shorts and we even found some g-strings in there. Then you collect a paper bag and can start picking up little posters and booklets too. On the side is the Carsten Höller’s Pill Clock where a pill falls from the ceiling every 3 seconds.

Then there was a room full of Paris postcards and little Eiffel tower souvenirs you could collect. After that it was room where you pick up something and leave something in place of it. Someone left a pad there!!! I collected a little denim label and left a metro ticket there. Also there was a pile of candy on the floor. Next, a photo booth where you take photos and stick it to the walls. Then there is a large room with old newspapers that you could stamp with pointless slogans.

It’s not a very big exhibition but it’s very interactive and loads of fun. In the end there is Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees where you can leave a little fun note on the tree.

I am definitely coming back to see the coin collection at the Monnaie de Paris one day!




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