The Bell Tower of Saint-Émilion

On the second day, early in the morning, Sheena & I rushed to the Visitor Centre at Saint-Émilion to be the first ones to collect the keys to the Bell Tower as we had a train to catch at 11.30 am. The Monolithic Church and the Bell Tower are all privately owned so the key was to be collected at the Visitor Centre and an ID had to be left in its place.

We walked to the Bell Tower which is just across the Visitor Centre, opened the gates and locked it from the inside. We had the whole place to ourselves! We walked up a seemingly endless staircase to the first level where some work was being done. Then, continued on to the second level which we thought was the top the entire time until we actually went to the top which was outside with a gorgeous 360 degree view of the historic town. You could see all the buildings, houses, restaurants and vineyards from the top. It was a freezing morning and on the top it was windy as hell but it didn’t stop us from taking a million photos. It was so beautiful and we didn’t want to leave!




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