Warhol Unlimited

In November, I went to see the Warhol Unlimited exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris with Isobel. Yes! November! (I have a massive backlog of posts from last year!) After the events of November in Paris, I didn’t really feel like writing as the mood in Paris was very sombre and it had an impact on me. But now that things are back to normal and after a very busy period at work during Christmas & New Year, I feel more creative and inspired to blog.

Photography was not allowed at this exhibition except in the the “Shadows” room which you can see in the photos below. I have always admired Andy Warhol’s works and did many projects in art class based on his work when I was in Ivory Coast. The exhibition was very small and didn’t have a lot of works I expected to see. I guess I will just have to visit the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh one day to see the full collection.

At the Paris collection, they had the classic Campbell Soups, Electric Chairs, Flowers, Maos, Shadows and the Screen Tests. The highlight for me was the Cows Wallpaper.

Overall, it was a very small exhibition. I expected a bit more to be honest but the photo-booth where you could print Self-Portrait style photos was a nice touch at the end of the exhibition.

After the exhibition, Isobel & I went to have hot chocolate at Les Deux Abeilles – best hot chocolate I have ever had!

The Warhol Unlimited exhibition is still on until 7 February 2016 so if you’re an Andy Warhol fan like me, it’s time to check it out!



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