A Splendid View of the Eiffel Tower

When you live in Paris and you’re not from Paris, the Eiffel Tower is always an amazing sight. The Parisians may not be her biggest fan as it’s “cliché” but she pops into your Paris photos every now and again and it’s hard not to be in awe. Once you’ve taken the usual photos from Trocadéro & Champ de Mars, you try to find other little street corners from which you can best capture her beauty.

I was reading some blogs and decided to try photography from this little street in the 16th Arrondissement very close to Trocadéro but unlike Trocadéro you will find zero tourists here. In fact, when I was there, I saw no one except the people who were living on that street, coming and going. That is the beauty of Avenue des Camoens!  I recently watched the movie Midnight in Paris again and noticed that this street was in the opening credits too. The street has a beautiful symmetrical staircase at one end which is beautiful in itself. You can walk up the steps and take photos at your own pace without anyone blocking your view. I keep thinking how lucky the people living in the apartments near there are to have this view every day.

IMG_7331 (2)IMG_7320 (2)IMG_7324 (2)IMG_7346 (2)IMG_7347 (2)IMG_7338 (2)IMG_7348 (2)IMG_7355 (2)


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