The Basilica of Saint-Denis & its Royal Necropolis

On a free museum Sunday, I decided to visit the Basilica of Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis is an infamous northern suburb of Paris. It was recently in the news due to the raid in apartments there after the Paris attacks and hence I was a bit reluctant to visit it last year. But I lived on metro line 13 and it was only about 6 stops for me to get there so I decided to give it a go and I was not disappointed. This Basilica is special because it is the burial site of the kings of France including Louis XVI & his wife Marie Antoinette.

At the time I visited, there was also an exhibition of Grand Royal Gowns by Lamyne M. It was incredible so see such a display of gorgeous dresses. The cathedral itself is stunning with early Gothic architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. All in all, the Basilica of Saint-Denis is worth a trip outside of Paris as one can have an amazing  historical experience with a royal touch.



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