Inside a Concorde: A Supersonic Visit at Le Bourget

In February, I visited the Air & Space Museum at Le Bourget just outside Paris. I was in aviation heaven! I bought the “forfait avions” ticket to visit the inside of not one but two Concordes, a Boeing 747, a Dakota & a Super Frelon. If you’re just interesting in browsing the permanent collections, it is free to do so. To get there, I took the metro to Porte de la Chapelle & then caught the bus 350 which stops right in front of the museum!

There are so many early planes, military and emergency helicopters, jets, miniature models, uniforms, satellites and life size planes to see that you could spend hours in there. But the highlight for me was visiting the Concorde.

The Concorde was a joint British-French developed and manufactured plane capable of reaching supersonic speeds. Its first commercial flight was in  January 1976 and it was retired in November 2003. The Concorde was an aircraft way ahead of it’s time and so it’s no surprise that aviation enthusiasts like me are still fascinated by it. For me it was dream come true to see a Concorde. They had the sound effects that made you feel like you were on a supersonic flight to New York JFK.

Overall, this place is a dream for aviation enthusiasts. I would highly recommend it. Some parts of the museum could definitely use a renovation because it is stuck in the 80’s but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time there.



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