Le Bataclan

It was my wish to visit the Bataclan before I left Paris to pay my respects. I had not heard about this venue before the attacks in Paris but the Bataclan is a beautiful and colourful oriental building that stands out among the typical Parisian architecture. Just standing in front of it and being able to see the bullet holes in the windows and doors reminded me of the horror that the young people in there must have endured. It was an emotional moment. I could see others also stopping by and just looking in complete silence trying to imagine what happened in there.

Even months after the attacks, people were leaving candles and flowers in front to pay homage to the victims. I keep thinking how it could have easily been anyone just enjoying a Friday night out in Paris. I can’t believe I was out and about that night, so close to where all this was happening. The sense of panic of that night will be something I can never forget. I don’t pray for Paris, I don’t pray at all but I just hope that one day we won’t have to witness such a loss of innocent lives. Paris, you’re always in my heart.



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