La Tour Eiffel: Visiting the Iron Lady in Winter

The first time I ever visited the Eiffel Tower was in the summer of 2014 on my first trip to Paris. I was never so fascinated by it when I saw it in photos when I was younger but when I first laid my eyes upon the magnificent structure in real life, I was in awe. I felt so small standing beneath it and even though it may be cliché, there is just something special about it when it sparkles like a diamond in the night sky.

My second visit to the top was a very different one as it was low season and much quieter and colder. I visited with my friend Richard and we went to the top level first, the sommet. It was freezing and windy but still beautiful. Then we checked out the second level before heading down to the first level. I was amazed to see an ice-skating rink and people skating away. There was also a bar with amazing music pumping adding to the fun atmosphere. We sat down and had a vin chaud and then I tested the clear floors of the first level to see how freaked out I would get as I am scared of heights. But I’ve jumped out of a plane before so this was not so bad. The best moment for me was when I was on the first level and the tower started to sparkle. It was an amazing feeling!

I would definitely recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower at night and in winter as there is something charming about having a nice mulled wine in the cold with the spectacular views. Let’s face it. it’s the Eiffel Tower, how can it ever be not charming?